They say looks aren’t important,
but when American Express approached me,
our 3-year journey started with, well, looks.

Worked on the project between

2010 - 2013

User Journey Harmony


American Express Israel was taking its first steps in social media and SEM. Expanding into new marketing channels made them realize that even though their brand is one of the strongest and most recognizable brand both in Israel and worldwide, they suffer from a somewhat scattered image online.


    Responsive Design


    Coherent User Journey

    Unified Online visibility


Funnel That Energy


American Express hosts great events, sponsors the best shows and offers their clients the best deals. I was able to harness their offline power and translate that into online magic.

The user deserves a unified message across all channels and platforms. The user funnel must be clear and clean, and the UI/UX must be utilised correctly as means to an end.

Focus Needs

Determine AMEX online needs by focusing on their KPIs.

Define Journey

Help the user get the most out of their visit, and AMEX get the most of their users. It’s a win-win, really.

Update visibility

Displaying a unified message,

look & feel across all channels

and platforms.

Designing the Israeli home page for a global powerhouse such as American Express meant drawing inspiration from other countries’ websites without losing our local flavor. We saw conversion as much as triple for some campaigns after implementing these fundamental funnel changes.

Welcome To Your 
New Home
Where Credit Is Due

The card is the star of the show at AMEX,

but it needed a new stage. One of our goals was to increase card sales via the website.

A fusion of e-commerce and banking best practices helped us showcase the cards on

a deserving center stage, with an immediate positive impact on sales.

The Blue Effect

Built for the younger crowd, AMEX Blue is Israel’s first cashback card. We helped clients visualize the Blue effect on their everyday savings with the Blue Calculator.

I was particularly impressed by Asaf’s ability to actualize a concept. It’s as if he pours concrete on an idea to make it tangible, so the users know exactly what to expect. He always has the end user in mind, and both the vision and the knowhow to make their experience meaningful.”
Itzik BarelBrand advertising and Online Platforms Manager

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