Peninsula Business Services is the UK’s leading advisor for SMEs in the fields of: human resources, employment law, health & safety and employee well-being. Reaching out to clients in new sectors was the reason I was asked to create a new brand and online identity for the new subsidiary: Employers Direct.

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Peninsula was already a multiple award-winning market leader when they reached out to me with a mission: becoming the leader of new sectors such as: software, small to medium-size enterprises, local & family-owned businesses as well as corporate clients.

I created a new brand identity for Employers Direct. I identified the target user standing at the heart of the process as the business owner since in most small businesses by default the owners are the ones to take care of everything HR and employee related.

This calls for an authentic, local, indie look. For medium-size to corporate clients, however, there is usually an HR manager that is our target user. Hence the balance we had to strike between corporate looks and a local, urban feel.





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