Taking a local luxury car rental agency from online anonymity all the way to dominating the European market and becoming the largest broker in Europe on the self-drive luxury car rental scene.


Transmitting Luxury Through the Web 

A boutique luxury car rental agency local to Marbella, Spain, approached me to build an international brand and online identity so they can expand their services across Europe.


     Brand Identity

     Logo Design

     Web & Mobile Design


     Optimizing Conversion

A Brand that Bursts Luxury 


Driving a luxury car is a unique experience that is difficult to encapsulate using images and words. Taking that unique feeling and translating it into a complete online identity was the heart of my voyage.

After creating the brand identity from scratch, I designed the web, user experience and interface to maximize conversion. With attention to every last detail, conducting ongoing A\B testing and analyzing the user data constantly, the site has evolved through various phases while remaining loyal to its

core values. 

Dress it up, 
dress it down

It all starts with a strong brand that acts as a double edged blade: On one hand an established and luxurious look, on the other hand a fun, sporty and edgy look that fits the nature of the cars. 

Showcasing a large fleet via mobile devices while focusing the user towards the desired action.

Working with Asaf and the digital team to transition from a local offline establishment to an online leader has greatly expanded not only our business but also our horizons. I personally enjoyed every minute.”
Joe Alnso Marketing Manager at Europe Luxury Car Hire

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